Jasper is artificial intelligence that was expertly trained as a copywriter! Jaspers AI is the most advanced artificial intelligence on the market, able to handle any writing task you throw at it! With over 50 different writing templates in its training, Jaspers AI is guaranteed to get the job done perfectly every time.

Jasper offers a wide range of product offerings:

Starter Kit

Jasper AI Writing Starter Kit

Choose from over 50 different writing skills to get an edge on the competition!

Text Summarizer. Extract the essential information from a piece of text.

Paragraph Generator. Use short, interesting sentences to create paragraphs that will make your readers want to keep reading.

AIDA Framework. Use the worlds oldest marketing framework to get peoples attention, interest, and desire, and then take action!

Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework. A great framework for coming up with fresh marketing copy ideas!

Product description. Extract the essential information from a piece of text.

Product description. Write product descriptions that will make people want to buy your product!

Creative Story. Write with creativity and passion to engage your readers and take them on an unforgettable journey!

Content improver. Make your content more interesting, creative, and engaging by rewriting it.

Blog Post Topic Ideas. Come up with new blog post topics that will get readers pumped and show up high on Google searches!

Blog Post Outline. If you want your blog posts or articles to be extra engaging, try creating lists and outlines! This method works best for "Listicle" and "How to" style pieces.

Blog Post Intro Paragraph. Bust through writers block by letting us write your opening paragraph for you.

Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph. End your blog posts with a bang by writing an engaging conclusion paragraph!

Feature to Benefit. Turn your product features into benefits that compel action.

Sentence Expander. Make your short sentence or a few words into a longer, more exciting sentence by being creative and interesting.

Personal Bio. Write a creative personal bio that captures attention.

Facebook Ad Headline. Make sure your headlines are exciting and make prospects want to learn more about what youre offering.

Company Bio. Your companys story is begging to be told - make sure its told with a captivating bio!

Facebook Ad Primary Text. Use copy that converts highly for the "Primary Text" section of your Facebook ads.

Google Ads Headline. No longer will you be stuck staring at a blinking cursor, wondering how to craft the perfect headline for your Google Ads.

Google Ads Description. Write copy for your Google Ads "Description" section that will really convert!

SEO - Title and Meta Descriptions. Get your website to the top of Googles search results with our expertly written SEO title tags and meta descriptions!

Real Estate Listing - Residential. If youre looking to sell your home quickly, youll need a listing thats both creative and captivating.

Amazon Product Features (bullets). Use key feature and benefit bullet points to make your Amazon listings more exciting and informative!

Amazon Product Description (paragraph). You will be creating compelling product descriptions for Amazon listings.

Perfect Headline. This template is guaranteed to help you write headlines that convert, using formulas from the worlds best copywriters.

Engaging Questions. Get your audience thinking with some creative questions to increase engagement.

Website Sub-Headline. Think beyond boring old headlines and craft something truly delightful and informative for your websites sub-headings.

Photo Post Captions. Make your Instagram posts stand out with catchy captions!

Short Social Posts. Generate short, snappy social posts under 140 characters.

Ridiculous Marketing Ideas. A funny template that generates bad marketing ideas.

Marketing Angles. brainstorm ways to make your marketing more vibrant!

Persuasive bullet points. Convincing bullets inserted into your landing pages, emails, and more.

Video Topic Ideas. Come up with new video ideas that will capture your audiences attention and perform well on YouTubes search algorithm.

Email Subject Lines. Get readers to open your emails with compelling subject lines!

Video Script Outline. If you want your videos to be extra engaging, try scripting them out beforehand!

Video Titles. Create engaging, click-worthy titles for your videos that will rank on Youtube.

Video Script Hook and Introduction. Create a video intro that will make your viewers want to keep watching.

Video Description. Make your Youtube videos stand out with awesome descriptions thatll make them rank high in search results!

Explain It To A Child. Make your text simpler to understand and easier to read by rephrasing it to a lower grade level.

Review Responder. Write responses to public customer reviews that are awesome, professional, and delightful!

SEO - Blog Posts - Title and Meta Descriptions. Make your blog posts rank higher on Google by writing SEO optimized title tags and meta descriptions!

SEO - Homepage - Title and Meta Descriptions. Get your homepages to rank well on Google by writing SEO optimized title tags and meta descriptions!

SEO - Product Page - Title and Meta Descriptions. Optimize your product pages for Google with exciting, title tags and meta descriptions!

SEO - Services Pages - Title and Meta Descriptions. Write SEO optimized title tags and meta descriptions if you want your company services pages to rank well on Google!

Unique Value Propositions. Use this offer to get the benefits of a clear, powerful statement.

The starter plan is best for customers who want quick wins for short-form writing such as advertisements, social media posts, and conversion copywriting without having to break the bank.

The plan only costs $29 a month, and includes:

✓ 50+ AI templates

✓ Support for 24+ languages

✓ Up to 5 users

✓ Chat support

✗ Compose & Commands features

✗ Google Docs style editor

Check out the plan here!

Boss Mode

If you want to write Long-Form Content that will engage your audience and make them want to come back for more, then BossMode is a must. Upgrading to Boss Mode will allow you to unlock the full potential of Jasper.

Boss Mode enables copywriters to:

Get your first draft done in a fraction of the time with Jasper Docs. Having Jasper write 80% of your content pipeline, you can speed up your content pipeline and spend the remaining 20% editing!

Generate groundbreaking content that will dominate the SEO rankings. Unlock the EXACT keywords you need to rank high on search by integrating with SurferSEO.com!

Content thats original and 100% free of plagiarism. Use Copyscape* to scan your content for sources - its the best plagiarism search on the web!

Make the AI your scribe and tell it what you need to write. As you tell the AI what you want written, youll see your words appear before your eyes!

Higher quality outputs with better context. Jasper gives your writing the once-over, taking in the last 3,000 characters for better context before he starts putting fingers to keyboard!

Grammarly ensures mistake-free writing. Grammarly is the best way to improve your grammar and spelling mistakes in your docs!

Boss Mode starts at $59 a month, which gets you:

✓ 50,000 Words credits/mo

✓ 3,000 Character Lookback

✓ Recipes

✓ SEO Mode

✓ Plagiarism Checker Access

✓ Grammarly

✓ 50+ Copywriting Templates

✓ 25+ Supported Languages

✓ Priority Chat Support

If you want more control over what Jasper writes, this is the plan for you.

25+ Languages

Jasper is the perfect AI assistant for writing high-quality, creative blog articles and social media posts in any language. With Jasper, you can easily write copy that converts in 25+ languages.

Input languages. These are the languages that Jasper can read and understand fluently

✓ Bulgarian ✓ Chinese ✓ Czech ✓ Danish ✓ Dutch ✓ English ✓ Estonian ✓ Finnish ✓ French ✓ German ✓ Greek ✓ Hungarian ✓ Italian ✓ Japanese ✓ Latvian ✓ Lithuanian ✓ Polish ✓ Portuguese ✓ Romanian ✓ Russian ✓ Slovak ✓ Slovenian ✓ Spanish ✓ Swedish

Output languages. These are the languages that Jasper can write in

✓ Bulgarian ✓ Chinese ✓ Czech ✓ Danish ✓ Dutch ✓ English ✓ English (British) ✓ Estonian ✓ Finnish ✓ French ✓ German ✓ Greek ✓ Hungarian ✓ Italian ✓ Japanese ✓ Latvian ✓ Lithuanian ✓ Polish ✓ Portuguese ✓ Portuguese (Brazilian) ✓ Romanian ✓ Russian ✓ Slovak ✓ Slovenian ✓ Spanish ✓ Swedish

Jasper Community Recipes

If youre struggling to find the right writing template, the Jasper community can help. With access to community-created AI writing recipes and templates, youll be able to get the guidance you need. The community can help you write better content. Build, share, improve, repeat.

Jasper AI Writer Community

Surfer SEO Integration

By using SEO Surfer and Jasper, you can get on page 1 of Google 5X faster with content thats optimized for the best keywords!

Looking to boost your websites keyword rankings? Jasper has you covered with a beginners crash course on leveraging SEO surfer. Topics include:

Lesson 1: Find the best keyword opportunities. Find the topics that will lead to the most traffic and quickly research them.

Lesson 2: Get clear on your content strategy. Get ahead of your competition on Google by creating better content!

Lesson 3: Create article outlines built for high rankings. Find the ideal amount of words, headings, pictures, etc.

Lesson 4: Generate paragraphs quickly with AI. Choose a topic for your article and watch the AI write it for you!

Lesson 5: Refine existing content and optimize it further. Your contents tone, readability, and SEO potential can all be improved!

Lesson 6: See how customers do all of this at scale. Get tips & tricks from real customers who know how to get the most out of this daily!

This course is championed by:

Austin Distel. CMO @ Jasper.ai

Michal Suski. Founder @ Surfer

This course is perfect for anyone who is new to writing content and SEO, check it out here!

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Don't miss out on your chance to get a competitive edge! Jasper.ai is an amazing AI writing tool that provides beginners with plenty of features and freedom for expert copywriters. Check them out today!