As artificial intelligence becomes more and more popular, people are finding new and exciting ways to use it. One such way is to use AI story generators to help write stories. These generators can create outlines, develop characters, and help to improve the overall quality of the story.

However, there are some things to consider before using one of these generators. Here are 10 of the most popular AI story generators, their pros and cons, and their prices:

1. Jasper

Jasper is one of the best AI writers out there, perfect for those looking to hone their copywriting skills.

Jasper AI Writer application


High-quality content generation - Content that makes sense and sounds natural.

Flexibility - Jasper has a wide range of templates to choose from to help you get started on your next story or blog post.

Community - The Jasper Facebook group is a rapidly growing community of over 50,000 members who share tips and tricks on a daily basis.


Learning curve - Jasper provides users with greater control over the AI than many other story generator tools, making it ideal for those who want to create more complex and intricate stories. However, Jasper does have a steeper learning curve than some alternatives. There are plenty of resources available, including Jasper Bootcamp, to help you get started.

No free-plan- While there's no free version, you get 10,000 words free when you sign up so you can get familiar with how the tool works.

Best Feature

If you're looking to write a story, Jasper has some great features to help you get started. With the Blog Post Outline and/or Video Script Outline templates, you can come up with some great ideas for your story. Or, if you're feeling really creative, you can use the Boss Mode to provide some basic story info and let Jasper write an outline for you.


Jasper’s pricing starts at $29 per month for access to 52+ templates. However, for long-form stories (e.g. books), the Boss Mode plan is worth every penny. It starts at $59 depending on how much you need to write.

2. DeepStory

DeepStory is an excellent script and story generator tool that can help you effortlessly get past creative blocks while writing!

DeepStory AI Writer application


Samples scenes. - 10 exciting sample scripts, inspired by classic movies like The Godfather and Pride and Prejudice?

Paragraph types. - Choose from exciting paragraph types like header, action, character, dialogue, or parenthetical to keep your story interesting!

User-friendly interface. - DeepStory's interface is designed to be easy to use so you can start using it right away!


Mainly for scripts and scenes. - If you wanted to incorporate a shorter, less detailed story into a blog post, you'd need to simplify the AI's generations.

Time-consuming. - If you wanted to incorporate a shorter, less detailed story into a blog post, you'd need to simplify the AI's generations.

Best feature

The paragraph type selector is useful for controlling the direction and flow of your stories.


You can use DeepStory for up to 10 generations daily, you’ll need to register for an account. The premium subscription costs $12.99 which enables you to generate up to 10,000 words per month.

3. Rytr

Rytr is great at rewriting stories to make them more exciting!

Rytr AI Writer application


Choose creativity levels. Get the AI output you want by choosing between six creativity levels, from sticking to the facts to getting creative.

Write anywhere. Get the Rytr extension and write anywhere you want!


Inconsistent quality. Sometimes Rytr's writing is off-target and awkward.

Character limits. If you're a wordsmith who likes to get chatty, you may want to consider Rytr's Unlimited plan. You're limited to a certain number of characters per month, but many users say their credits disappear too fast.

Best Feature

The Story Plot use case is a great way to start creating an engaging fiction story.


Rytr's free plan is limited, but it may work if you only need to write a short story here or there. Find out more about Rytr's affordable paid plans starting at just $9 per month!

4. InferKit

If you want to churn out stories faster than you could write on your own, InferKit is a great tool to bypass writer's block.

InferKit AI Writer application


Easy to use. Just write some text and watch the neural network go to work! Generate Text or press tab to prompt the neural network to write more.

Free version. You can write a whopping 10,000 characters per week for free, making it great for light usage.


Limited control. InferKit is different than other tools because you can't tell it what tone to use or give it written instructions. There are also no templates or tools for rephrasing, simplifying or expanding text.

Advanced settings are unclear. InferKit offers a few advanced options for writing, using neural networks to guide the AI. This allows for more interesting and complex writing, but some descriptions may be hard to understand if you're not familiar with neural networks.

Best Feature

The AI does a great job of learning from your input and continuing stories where you leave off, even though there are fewer controls than with other generators.


Paid plans start at just $20 per month!

5. CopyAI

If you're looking for a tool to help you write AI-generated stories, then CopyAI is definitely worth checking out! Using GPT-3, the latest algorithm from OpenAI for natural language processing, CopyAI can help you create some truly amazing stories. AI Writer application


Flexibility. The Freestyle tool allows you to give the AI custom instructions for an even better story. The more specific details you give, the better the story will be!

Natural writing. CopyAI's well-written content can mean less editing for you!

Varied output lengths. CopyAI gives you the option to choose between outputs that are all around the same length, or shorter and longer outputs.


Template-based. Currently, there are no options to manipulate or produce text with AI in the editing pane; everything is done in templates, so get ready for some copying and pasting.

Best Feature

The Freestyle tool is perfect for writing short stories, but you can also use it to write longer stories by changing the inputs or using another template.


CopyAI offers a free plan with paid plans starting at just $49 per month. With CopyAI, you can get the best of both worlds - a great selection of features with an affordable price tag.

6. AI Writer

If you're looking to add some extra oomph to your marketing content, AI Writer is definitely worth checking out! This AI text generator can help you create stories that are both engaging and informative, making it a great tool for businesses of all sizes.

AI Writers copywriting application


Easy to use. The AI will help you write a full page on any topic you want, and you can edit it as needed.

Verifiable sources. If you're writing a non-fiction story, you'll have to do less research upfront, and you can fact-check faster thanks to the source audit trail.

Content Length. This tool is a lifesaver for content creators who need to generate whole articles quickly and efficiently!


Mainly for articles. If you want to use AI Writer for your next article, make sure to phrase your title in a way that implies a story. This will help the AI generate a more exciting article.

Mainly for non-fiction. This tool is perfect for factual research and search engine optimization, making it ideal for non-fiction stories.

English only. Offers one language.

Top Feature

If you're looking to publish a story to your blog, the Publish to WordPress feature can come in handy! With just a click, you can generate and publish your content without any hassle.


Get your 7-day free trial of AI Writer today! After that, you can upgrade to a paid plan for as little as $29 per month.

7. Plot Generator

Looking for a way to write more engaging stories? Check out Plot Generator, a collection of tools to help you get the most out of your writing!

Plot Generator AI writer application


Story-specific tools. Looking for some inspiration for your next story? Check out these generators for short stories, movie scripts, story ideas, characters, and even genres!

Instant prompts. If you need some inspiration, just fill out the forms on Plot Generator with random inputs and see what ideas you like from the outputs.

Instant publishing. If you want to get your story read and voted on by others, publish it to the Plot Generator website.


More input required. Plot Generator is the most exciting AI content generator because it has a long form for you to fill out!

No accounts. This tool doesn’t provide an easy way to save your script!

Top Feature

If you need help at any point while filling out the form, the Suggest feature is there to help you out!


Free forever.

8. Writecream

If you're looking for a way to inject some excitement into your business marketing strategy, the Writecream AI writer could be just what you need! It's great for generating marketing content and copy, so you can create engaging, compelling stories that will capture your audience's attention.

Writecream AI writer application


Full process capability. Stylized and automated writing has never been easier than with Writecream's AI Article Writer. With just a few clicks, you can create high-quality, engaging content for your website or blog.

Free plan. But you can use this AI writer for free; it may be fine for light usage and/or short stories. It's a great tool to have in your arsenal, and it's totally free!


Output quality. This tool writes coherently and with fewer redundancies than other tools, making it a great choice for your next writing project!

Limited functionality. Writecream has fewer templates than other story writing tools, so you'll have to create and test custom use cases yourself.

Top Feature

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get from A to Z in Writecream, the AI Article Writer is the tool for you. With just four steps, you can generate an outline, intro, and story.


Their free plan offers basic features to get you started, and their unlimited plan starts at just $29 per month for access to all of their great features.

9. Writesonic

Writesonic is the perfect tool for writing books, articles, and other long-form content quickly and easily. With its four-step workflow, you'll be churning out quality content in no time!

Writesonic AI writer application


Engaging stories. Writesonic is the best tool for creating realistic and engaging details and scenarios based on your inputs!

WordPress publishing. For WordPress users, you can publish to your blog directly from Writesonic - no need to copy and paste!


More self-editing required. If you want to use AI Article Writer 3.0 to generate a story, be prepared to do a lot of editing yourself afterwards. There's no way to access templates or tools to help you rephrase or expand sections within the document.

Top Feature

The AI Article Writer is the perfect way to generate a complete story in one go! You can edit or add to the story as needed, making it perfect for any project.


They offer a free trial so you can test out the features, and there are four paid plans to choose from starting at just $15 per month.

10. Simplified

If you're looking for a way to streamline your content creation process, Simplified is worth checking out. It offers a content planner and an AI writing assistant to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Simplified AI writer application


Good for long-form. Now you can supercharge your writing with AI-generated text that you can add with just one click!

Affordable. The free plan lets you write up to 1,000 words per month, with paid plans starting at 20,000 words.


Continuity. Other AI content generation tools like Jasper may be better at learning from past outputs and user-provided texts than Simplified, so it may take less work and editing to write a cohesive story.

Dark user interface. If you're used to a bright and colorful interface, Simplified may seem a little daunting at first.

Top Feature

The short-form assistant can be helpful with its 60+ presets or templates. However, the long-form writer is best for fleshing out the main parts of a story, as it features templates for titles, intros, outlines, and more.


Paid monthly plans start at just $15 per month. Get started today to enjoy all the features and benefits of our paid plans!

Write more exciting stories faster, and have fun doing it!

If you want to make your copywriting process simpler, then you should use an AI writing tool. With multiple tools available, you'll never have to worry about writer's block again.

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